Hard working design. design that works.

My career path has taken me in many directions. I have always found ways to use my skill and creativity in every job. I have worked everywhere from construction sites to corporate offices. My art reflects my journey. My work is solid, grounded and tough, but can also have delicate, ethereal qualities.

  • African American Heritage Trail - St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Housecall Veterinary Service

  • Rebranding of EMS standards for Baxter internal associates

My Work

I take my inspiration from a wide variety of places: the sparkling symmetry of the rims on a custom hot rod, the pitch black thick lines of kohl around King Tut’s eyes, steam glowing and billowing up out of a power plant at night, the brilliant curves of color on a Spotted Mandarin Goby’s back, the gleaming grid of lights you see from an airplane window at night, the brilliant red on a Coke can. I am inspired by looking past the ordinary and deconstructing something to find its core and essence, its basics. All of this inspires the art and design I create.

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African American Heritage Trail 31 July 2014
Housecall Vererinary Service 08 December 2016
AWWA American Water Works Association 03 September 2017
Baxter Corporation 19 December 2014
glo Professional 9 Feburary 2013
Jackson 19 December 2016
Vaspen Water Company 22 August 2015
Victory Capital 06 December 2016
CBRE Group, Inc. An American commercial real estate company 08 March 2017
Logos and Identities
Art Projects


I have worked with a wide range of clientele from small business entrepreneurs to large corporations. Some of the clients I have worked with: Housecall Veterinary Service, Vaspen Alpine Water, City of St. Petersburg Historical Society, Baxter Healthcare and gloProfessional.