Our Staff


Michael: GIF
Graphic Infrastructure Facilitator

Michael received his BFA from Metropolitan State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude. He has over 16 years of design and print experience including the pharmaceutical information industry. He is a published photographer and layout artist. A Colorado native, Michael started Lab13 Designs in January 2011.

Michael’s design sense and work ethic come from his diverse background. His career path has taken him in many directions, and he has always found ways to use his skill and creativity. He has worked everywhere from construction sites to corporate offices. In addition to his passion for digital design and photography, Michael also enjoys painting, sculpting, and interior design; along with hiking with his wife and two pugs. 


Cleo: SVP
Senior VP of Scooby Snack Accountability and Timekeeper

Cleo brings over 11 years of experience in this role with the company. She excels at time management in letting the team know when it's time for a break, and is essential in communicating when it's “past time” for a mid-day snack or a meal. Not one to shy away from this hefty responsibility, she will not move an inch from the cookie jar until Scooby Snacks are distributed appropriately according to various tasks around the office for a job well done. Cleo also serves as a secondary security officer, under Mario’s direction.


Cosmo: CEO
Chief Executive Officer of Happiness

Every organization needs a leader in a happiness role! And Cosmo takes her position in the organization very seriously. Always by your side, and always a ray of sunshine day or night, Cosmo ensures that you always have a smile on your face and laughing one way or another at her zany antics. Cosmo also ensures that you take time during the day to stop for a break – making sure you throw the ball, hedgehog, burger, frog, alien…or any other toy that suits her fancy at the moment.


Mario: CSO
Mean Green Security Machine

With the longest tenure in the organization, Mario has over 23 years in protecting and serving in the lead security officer position. Always vocal when something is out of place, or someone is approaching the compound unannounced, Mario can be counted on to notify everyone when something is amiss. The sound of a specific alarm notifies Cleo how to take action, and respond to a possible intruder. He takes his job very seriously and doesn’t skip a beat!