Colorado Coalition
for African Empowerment


Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment (CCAE) is a 501(c)(3) comprised of ten nonprofit organizations joined together to empower impoverished African families and orphaned children.


I created branding, an Identity Guide, a signature and a stationery system.


As a class project, we were challenged to create a branding system for the Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment. The Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment needed an identity mark as the heart of their new branding project. It was essential the mark communicated unity, African heritage, and the self-sustaining aspect of the good work they do. The combined branding messages needed to evoke hope, ability, optimism, empowerment, opportunity, unity and compassion. The colors I used represent water, earth, sky and fire. I chose those elements because they are some of the most basic elements for survival, but they can also help people truly thrive if they are empowered to work together and work with those elements. I created a fluid design that represents people coming together and flowing upwards in support, hope and optimism. I created the design for a stationery system, key chains and T-shirts. My design came in third out of seventeen designs.


24 March 2011